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Le logo Vikings At War Icône de signe.

Vikings at War

seal Media 1.1.7
  • Licence Gratuito
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  • Téléchargements | 1
  • Tailles 64.54MB
  • Update 12.09.2021
Le logo Vikings At War Icône de signe.

Vikings at War

La version 1.1.7 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Téléchargements | : 1 Atualizado em : 12.09.2021 seal Media

La description

Mergulhe em um universo repleto de Vikings
ikings at War is a strategy MMO where you have to compete with users from around the world to conquer territories. Under the furs of a proper Viking, you have to ally with other players if you want to be strong enough to make it out of each battle alive. Among the things that stands out most about this game are the pretty and nicely done 3D graphics in which all the action happens. You'll find yourself immersed in thrilling PvP battles against other Vikings, whose numbers you have to tick down using whatever means you have available. As you build and elaborate houses, farms, forts, and ports to attack VIking ships, your rewards will activate and you can earn coins to invest in expanding each territory by conquering the map. Plus you can increase your economic potency if you keep all the loot after each onslaught. If you want to feel the excitement of living in Viking territory, Vikings at War gives you the chance to row your ships to invade all possible territories. Develop your best strategy and try to defeat each of the groups in your path.


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