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Clevapps 2.22.8
  • Licence Gratuito
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  • Téléchargements | 4
  • Tailles 8.93 MB
  • Update 10.05.2022
Le logo Clevnote Icône de signe.


La version 2.22.8 Gratuito
8.93 MB
Funciona em: Android
Téléchargements | : 4 Atualizado em : 10.05.2022 Clevapps

La description

Nunca esqueça de nada
levNote is a comprehensive writing app especially designed for taking all sorts of notes – from shopping lists to details about your bank account, birthdays, and other important notes. From the left drop-down menu you can quickly access the app's different categories. This feature lets you keep all your notes perfectly organized, whether it's your shopping list or any other important notes. The good thing about the layout in ClevNotes is that each section has small features that make it really convenient to use. The section for managing shopping lists lets you easily check and uncheck items bought, and the part for managing birthdays shows a calendar to mark the dates conveniently. ClevNotes is an excellent app for note-taking. With it you can finally ensure you have all your notes perfectly organized.


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