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Le logo Raider Origin Icône de signe.

Raider: Origin

4399EN GAME 1.22.9
  • Licence Gratuito
  • 0
  • Téléchargements | 1
  • Tailles 152.85MB
  • Update 11.09.2021
Le logo Raider Origin Icône de signe.

Raider: Origin

La version 1.22.9 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Téléchargements | : 1 Atualizado em : 11.09.2021 4399EN GAME

La description

aider: Origin is a 3D MMORPG with an eye-catching anime style. The game immerses you in an extraordinary fantasy universe where you have to complete missions and grow as a hero. The gameplay in Raider: Origin is standard for the genre. When you start the game, you have to choose whether you want your character to be male or female and also choose a class. Once you've made these first decisions, you can start moving your hero freely around the settings and interact with other characters, accept missions, go into dungeons, and of course, fight against your enemies in real time. The game also takes place automatically, so you just have to accept missions and rewards while your hero takes care of the rest. In addition to normal battles against hundreds of enemies you encounter along the way, Raider: Origin also incorporates a recruitment system. This means you can surround yourself with pets and companions throughout your adventures that will help you in the battles. Raider: Origin is a great MMORPG for Android that lets you dive into a world full of fantasy and wonderful creatures. And it's all wrapped up in some remarkable graphics and excellent production values.


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