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Le logo Tap N Slash Icône de signe.

Tap 'n' Slash

Invictus-Games Kft 1.1.11
  • Licence Gratuito
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  • Téléchargements | 1
  • Tailles 27.31MB
  • Update 14.09.2021
Le logo Tap N Slash Icône de signe.

Tap 'n' Slash

La version 1.1.11 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Téléchargements | : 1 Atualizado em : 14.09.2021 Invictus-Games Kft

La description

Pilhe masmorras à toda velocidade
ap 'n' Slash is an arcade game with isometric perspective where you play an adventurer who has to escape as fast as possible from a dungeon that's falling apart. But of course, the monsters in the dungeon are not going to make it easy for you. Touching the left part of the screen makes your hero move to one side, and touching the right side will make him go to the other. If you cross a tile with a monster on it, you'll instantly kill it ... as long as you have attacks left, which you can collect along the way. When you run out of attacks, though, you'll be vulnerable to any enemy. A typical mistake you might make the first few times you play is to try killing all the monsters in your way. Bad idea! The best thing to do is try to avoid as many monsters as you can, while collecting all the swords you see. This is the only way to make sure you have attacks available when you really need them. Although at first, the game doesn't look like it offers a lot of variety, it really does. As you advance, you'll discover new settings and tons of new enemies. Plus, you can unlock new characters to play with that will join your team of heroes. Tap 'n' Slash is an arcade game with a hint of RPG, that comes with a fun and addicting gameplay. The game's graphics also have a charming pixelated style, with understated references to other games and movies.


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