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Le logo The Cumbia Hero Icône de signe.

The Cumbia Hero

LuxeTecnoGames 5.6.11
  • Licence Gratuito
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  • Téléchargements | 1
  • Tailles 64.79MB
  • Update 11.09.2021
Le logo The Cumbia Hero Icône de signe.

The Cumbia Hero

La version 5.6.11 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Téléchargements | : 1 Atualizado em : 11.09.2021 LuxeTecnoGames

La description

Aperte em notas e toque ótimas canções
he Cumbia Hero is a fun game of skill similar to Guitar Hero, in which you'll have to tap on notes to play a guitar. But this time, you'll find nothing but great cumbia music. It's like having a party on your smartphone! The Cumbia Hero has simple -but super fun- gameplay. To get started, just open the app and select a difficulty from its main menu. During each game, a great cumbia song plays, and it's up to you to tap on the colorful keys at the right time to keep the beat going. Just watch as colorful tiles appear from the top of the screen, and tap on the right key as the tile passes it. Keeping tapping notes at the right times to win loads of points and unlock new cumbias! And there are quite a few songs by famous artists to discover. Not only that, but The Cumbia Hero lets players invite a friend to join the game... and double the fun! Try The Cumbia Hero and have loads of fun tapping notes as accurately as you can to climb the leaderboards, beat your friends, and unlock new songs!


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